6 Benefits of Kombucha Probiotic Tea

By October 2, 2018 No Comments

Kombucha probiotic tea tastes great. It also helps cleanse the body and protect you from disease. In fact, there are at least seven ways that those who drink Kombucha probiotic tea say it can make you healthier.

1. Improves Cellular Health

Toxins from processed foods, chemicals, environmental pollution and the stresses of modern life can build up in our bodies on a cellular level and cause oxidative stress. Probiotics and antioxidants like the ones found in Kombucha tea can help our bodies deal with those toxins and restore our cellular health. In addition, it tastes delicious!

2. Reduces Inflammation

Kombucha is made by fermenting tea. During the process of fermentation it naturally becomes carbonated. The antioxidants contained in Kombucha help to reduce inflammation, the root cause of many of todays most common ailments such as allergies, digestion issues, and ulcers. It can even help to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It has been consumed for thousands of years due to it’s health benefits……. and did I mention it tastes really good?!?!

3. It’s a Heart Healthy Drink


Many carbonated beverages are really terrible for your health. They contain loads of sugar or artificial sweeteners and other nasty chemicals that are bad for your heart. Your body works overtime to process all of those nasty chemicals and simple sugars. Kombucha however, does not result in sugar overload or a sugar crash. It’s actually good for your heart’s health and blood sugar levels. So you can drink it to your heart’s content, with no guilt or worry.

4. Combats Bad Bacteria

Our stomachs are loaded with bacteria. Some foods and beverages can cause the growth of bad bacteria. Not Kombucha! Every serving of Kombucha is full of healthy bacteria that can help rebalance your stomachs flora. Kombucha can even fight really bad bacteria like staph and salmonella. Drinking Kombucha can help you to avoid having to take potentially harmful antibiotics. There’s even a scientific university study from 2014 that promotes kombucha as a good drink to fight infection.

5. Makes Your Brain Sharper

Everybody wants a clear mind without the brain fog. But how do you clear the cobwebs and improve your mental focus? Millions of people do it by drinking daily servings of Kombucha probiotic tea. Right here in Kansas City you can buy Tea-Biotics Kombucha in one of many different delicious flavors. At the brand new Brookside Holistic Solutions in Lee’s Summit, we’re proud to offer Tea-Biotics Kombucha on tap. Stop in to sample flavors or refill your growlers at your convenience.

6. Helps Your Kidneys

Your kidneys are really amazing organs. Every single day they filter as much as 150 quarts of blood in your body. Imagine how important that is to your health and wellness. Sugary sodas really put a heavy strain on your kidneys. Many glasses of water are required to clean out the impurities from just one sugary soft drink. Kombucha can be a healthy alternative to those unhealthy, sugary drinks.

In a few short weeks, our Lee’s Summit location will offer Tea-Biotics Kombucha on tap! Stop in and speak with a wellness consultant to learn more about how Kombucha can improve your health.