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Brookside Holistic Solutions is your locally-owned all-natural wellness and foods market, providing holistic alternatives to synthetic health products so you can find a healthy balance.

With our selection of all-natural products that we have used ourselves, we are honored to help you improve your sense of well-being and find alternative answers to prescription medications.

Whether you are in need of an all-natural solution for pain management, inflammation, or need help with ADD, ADHD, and anxiety, we offer a wide array of products to help you. Brookside Holistic Solutions carries essential oils, hemp products, CBD, EMF shields and alkaline water for your personal well-being and an overall healthier lifestyle. Browse our selection of locally made natural foods paired with a visit our kombucha bar to experience the health benefits of fermented tea when you visit us. We also offer a selection of products designed just for pets.

Founded by the same team who brought you Brookside Barkery & Bath, Brookside Holistic Solutions continues the practice of “better health through better nutrition.”

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