Discover the Multitude of Benefits from 100% Real Mushroom Extracts

By October 2, 2018 No Comments

At Brookside Holistics, we’re all about natural health, and that’s why we carry Real Mushrooms, a line of 100% organic mushroom extracts with no added mycelium, grains, starch or fillers of any kind. Real Mushrooms are also verified for beta-glucans, the most researched beneficial mushroom compound, ensures potency and effectiveness.

Did you know that organic mushroom extracts act to strengthen the immune system, lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, and help our bodies fight against toxins, free radicals and mutagens? And that’s just the beginning. Check out 9 additional health benefits of mushrooms below:

  • Powerful anti-cancer effects
  • Protection against heart disease and stroke
  • Managing blood sugar
  • Managing stress
  • Enhancing libido
  • Improving exercise performance
  • Antihistamine properties
  • Relieving inflammation and pain
  • Improving memory, concentration, and focus

Real Mushrooms offers 6 different mushroom varieties, both in pouch and capsule form for your convenience. Customers rave about the results they see from each extract, including:

  • Lions Mane Extract – Cognition
  • 5 Defenders – Immune Strength
  • Cordyceps M – Peak Performance
  • Reishi Extract 415 – Longevity
  • Chaga Extract – Inner Health
  • Turkey Tail Extract – Immune Support

Stop in soon to learn more about Real Mushrooms – we’ll help you select what you need! Visit the Real Mushrooms website for more information.