We’re thrilled to announce the addition of Evolve Smoothies to our store – And just in time for their “Put the ‘i’ in Smoothie” Contest!

Submit your dream smoothie at Brookside Holistic Solutions in Lee’s Summit, and it could become a permanent fixture on our menu.  Come up with a creative (4 word max) name and recipe. The winner will obtain bragging rights, a $50 Evolve gift card and enjoy 1 FREE smoothie a week for a year!

How it Works

The contest is broken down into 3 parts: 
1) First Phase (June is recipe collection time!)
Stop in and submit smoothie names and recipes at our store by end of day, June 30th.

2) Second Phase (First week of July)
We will go through submissions and narrow it down to the Top 10 to test out. On July 2nd our “Elite” judging panel (some Evolve staff, local media and celebs), will be told only the name of the smoothie (so be creative) and sample each of them. Then we will narrow the list down to the top 3. The top three contestants will receive a $50 gift card to your favorite local Evolve store.

3) Third Phase (July 15th-30)
The top 3 smoothies will be sold at participating stores from July 15th-30th for $6 each.
The top selling smoothie will be the winner! A Wooden Plaque will be placed amongst the rest of our smoothies in our stores, and you will be able to enjoy a smoothie every week for a year for FREE!

We’d also love to see you creating your smoothies at home. Just tag Brookside Holistic Solutions and use #smoothiemyway and #ievolve to spread your genius throughout the SM World.

Now get to creating!