Brookside Holistic Solutions is happy to have Leigh Carr as a new member of our team! With her own line of CBD – now available at Brookside Holistic Solutions – we wanted to learn more about Leigh and how her company, Hari Om Hemp, came to be.

Leigh Carr, Hari Om Hemp Founder

Hari Om Hemp began as an idea when Leigh and her husband Dustin both began to notice the many benefits that Leigh saw from using CBD herself. Suffering from numerous different ailments ranging from mental health, addiction and chronic pain, Leigh – who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Nursing – was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Bound to the drive through pharmacy line for refill after refill for little to no relief was not the life Leigh wanted to live anymore. That is when she started to do research on alternative and holistic therapies – all of her research led her to CBD.

It was not till Dustin and Leigh’s son was diagnosed with special needs that they really found the need to start their own CBD company when they could not find one that was as open and honest as they would like. After months of research and product testing, Dustin and Leigh found an organic farm in Oregon to partner with directly to source their CBD. Having direct relations with this organic farm allows Dustin and Leigh to provide the same genetics of Full Spectrum CBD with every batch extracted. They strive to be open, honest and transparent to allow peace of mind when choosing a CBD company for your alternative therapy needs!

Being the bath lover she is, Leigh was intrigued when she heard about CBD bath bombs and had to learn more. After one CBD bath bomb, she felt more relief than ever before and knew she had to help spread the word. This is when Leigh started formulating her own CBD bath bombs. Hari Om Hemp now offers a full line of Full Spectrum CBD Bath & Body Products – ranging from bath bombs, to roll-ons, to your every day sublingual CBD oil.

“Starting our own business was not something we had ever planned to do, but after all the benefits that I received, it was hard not to want to help others learn the many benefits of hemp and CBD with my background in Nursing,” said Hari Om Hemp Founder, Leigh Carr.

This past February, both Hari Om Hemp and Brookside Holistic Solutions were vendors at a Good Living Event. Knowing what quality CBD products look like, Brookside Holistic Solutions Founder, Delena Stout, was very interested in learning more about Leigh and her Hari Om Hemp products. This was the beginning of a great working relationship and now we are thrilled to have Leigh on board as part of our team!

Take a look at the video below for more about Hari Om Hemp from Leigh herself, or come see Leigh at our Lee’s Summit location for more information!

Hari Om Hemp Key Highlights:

· CBD sourced directly from an organic farm in Oregon.

· Full Spectrum CBD Oil grown for its flower, not stalks and seeds.

· CO2 extraction

· Pure therapeutic essential oils used in all bath and body products.

· Grown organically in sunny Oregon.

· Preservative Free

· All products are hand weighed for accurate CBD dosing.

·       Toxin Free

· All products are tested by a third party to ensure the amount of CBD listed in each product is accurate.

· Products are hand made in small batches to maintain quality and consistency.

· Mixed only with MCT Oil, no fillers or added flavoring.

· Source local ingredients from other small businesses for bath bombs & topicals (when available.)


· Cruelty Free

· Products are hand made in small batches to maintain quality and consistency