NEW at Brookside Holistic Solutions: Rasa Coffee, Bhang CBD Gummies & SMPLSTC CBD Oil

At Brookside Holsitic Solutions, we strive to bring you simply the best line of health-focused products, including delicious and nutritious meals and drinks, full-spectrum CBD offerings and premium topicals and supplements.

And now we’re excited to share with you some of the newest additions to our store!

Introducing Rasa Coffee

Rasa believes in energizing from within instead of relying on the same ‘ol coffee to fuel us each day. They do this by making our relationship to coffee a little less dependent and more nourishing. Coffee can actually be quite draining, but with the right additions and substitutions, this ritual will be majorly upgraded in your life via adaptogens. Adaptogens are nature’s antidote to the stressors of everyday life, and are exactly what most of us really need! Rasa is devoted to sharing these incredible herbs with the world in the most accessible way possible – a drinkable cup of calm.

Introducing SMPLSTC CBD

SMPLSTC comes from Costa Mesa in beautiful Southern California and creates simple, yet groundbreaking products driven by their desire to do everything possible to support the human potential. SMPLSTC CBD offers a line-up of full-spectrum CBD oils with a focus on each aspect of your day. SMPLSTC’s motto is “wellness made simple,” and we’re sure you’ll love their variety of options to suit your personal life, including ACTV, CLM, RLX, LFTD, NTRL and of course, SLP.

Introducing Bhang CBD Gummies

Bhang’s line of products are formulated with CBD that is solely derived from hemp plants grown on licensed farms in Colorado and Kentucky using sustainable farming practices. Bhang offers an award-winning line of hemp-derived products in both the highest-quality, independently lab-tested, full-spectrum hemp oil and CBD isolate with reliable, high-quality delivery methods. The result is a consistently premium CBD-dosing experience. Bhang users report they are thrilled with the strength, quality, consistency, and efficacy of Bhang’s entire line of hemp-derived products.

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